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Production and quality
Our Supreme vertical or Horizontal mixer Knives Blades  are manufactured on the most modern, automated, and robot-controlled systems and of course meets the strictest quality specifications. Making use of its expertise and technical equipment.

Our feed wagon Knives Blades are coated with tungsten carbide alloys to improve the cutting performance. This highly wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating makes it possible to multiply the service life of the cutting tools.
High cutting quality
High breaking strength
High bending strength
Clean cut and long service life
Less fuel consumption

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Rotary Tiller Blade
Plough Blade
Harrow Blade
Disc Harrow Blade
Cultivator Blade
Power Harrow Blade
Subsoiler Blade

► Plough Blades

Euro Price : 5,50

USD Price : 6,00

Technical Specifications

Plough Blades